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Tampa Bay Citizens High Speed Ferry Initiative

We are Tampa Bay area residents. We believe the Tampa Bay Ferry project is an exciting and unique way to connect us to where we live, work and play.

Our mission is to get ferries up and running no later than 2018. We first want to see the South County-MacDill Air Force Base (MAFB) commuter underway, plus evening and weekend service between downtown Tampa, St. Petersburg and South County. This can be done by the end of 2018 if we have the will to get it done.

The benefits of ferry service are tremendous and its costs low. The MAFB-South County commuter can move 2400 people per rush hour. It would cut travel on our roadways by 92,000 miles per day, reducing congestion on I-75, US 41, US 301, Bayshore and Dale Mabry, all for less than the cost of widening a couple of miles county roads.

It would save our military families of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours each year spent in commuting. It would cut nitrogen air emissions from cars that harms our Bay and green house gases that hurt our planet. And it would spawn a whole new urban ecotourism industry while adding a whole new way to get to Lightning and Rays Games, to the Mahaffey and the Straz, and to dining in St. Petersburg, Tampa and Ybor.

After the initial lines get going, we think that ferry service between St. Petersburg and Westshore/TIA will follow. Plus ferry shuttles between and to the Beach islands. But first we need to get the first ferries going.

So Get On Board. Sign up and help us help get high speed ferries running by 2018.